Main purpose of the power control application is to allow users to open up specific resources such as smart power switches to groups of people. User of the resource do not need to log in. A person can control a resource by knowing the URL or scanning a QR code. Access can possibly be protected by a PIN code.
Resource owners need to create an account. This opens up the option to create new units for remote control. The owner decide on access method and if a PIN code is required.
This application is very much still in development. It is currently free of charge to use and the plan forward is to keep some basic functionality free of charge. So if you create an account today you will be able to use that functionality even after the option to pay for more services has been introduced.

Home page

For all site users, enter a power switch name to access its control page.


Log in to already set up accounts, or register a new user for the application.

Add unit

Add a new unit to the system. The user must select access method

Handle unit

Entry page for general users to control the power unit. The URL for this page is the official entry point to address a particular resource. There is an option to construct a QR code. It decodes into the URL for this page. It is intended as a shortcut to be printed and posted at the resource to be controlled. It will allow users with smartphones to scan the code and quickly get to the control page.